Hello! I am a musician, artist, multimedia producer, designer, and practitioner of the nerdly arts. When not creating my own works, I provide a wide-range of creative technology services including:

• Audio • Video • Photography • Graphic Arts • Software Development • Post Production • 3D Modeling and Animation • Scientific Visualization • Product Design • Prototyping • Web Development • User Interface Design • Technology Consulting • Mold and Cast Making • Fabrication • Installation and maintenance of electronic equipment • Acoustics • Custom Woodworking


I am generally interested in any project where creativity, science and technology come together.

My speciality is bridging multiple disciplines to solve complex problems. Whether writing code, recording an album or making a piece of furniture, my process is always the same: I learn everything I can about the space, your needs and the constraints; Break the project down into parts and do the highest quality work I can with every step. I value honesty, integrity and craftsmanship, and apply these principles into every project large or small

Client List

I have had a wide variety of amazing clients over the years, and have learned something new with every project I’ve been involved in.
I look forward to new challenges and hope to add you to this list:

Client List – Resumé



My home and workshop are in New Orleans
I travel world-wide on arrangement.

If you or your business require assistance on any interesting projects:
Please send me an email at info@jessehiatt.com
I look forward to hearing from you!