Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Some of the services I provide are digital photo retouching, compositing and color correction.

Below are a few recent examples of my work. These were 3 of my mom’s old photos, used in a magazine article about her, that were particularly challenging.

In this photo, I tried to bring out the color of the woman’s clothes, and increase the sharpness of the fabric without going too far. Sharpness is one of those things that is quite easy to overdo. I will often apply some sharpness in a masked layer and then brush it in by hand only where I need it.

This was a difficult photo to fix. It was scanned from a negative, and had gone blue, but not evenly! So there were about seven different color corrections here that were masked and applied.
This photo could use even more work, but like they say about working on many different kinds of art, you never really finish, at some point you just stop.

That’s me in the stroller. This one had a lot of dust and scratches on it, and needed some color correction, and a little vibrance.