Custom Cabinet Project

The goal of this project was to design custom cabinetry for a master bedroom suite in an Arts and Crafts home that was over a hundred years old, and featured little symmetry and few perpendicular lines. I created a full, detailed 3D model of the suite using Fusion 360, and designed built-in cabinets and a free-standing armoire. I then used these models to create 2D blueprints that were used to create the finished cabinets.

Finished cabinets in dressing room. A subtle but quite difficult design challenge for this was the window is not centered in the wall. It took several iterations to come up with something that looked balanced even though it is not actually symmetrical.

For the armoire, the client wanted something that fit in with the Arts and Crafts style but was also contemporary and original.

The cabinets were all built by the meticulous and talented team at Freedman and Chesley in Berkeley, CA.