SCOPED-Flex was a web-based software package I developed for Jeff Belkora at the UCSF School of Medicine.

Jeff’s specialty is decision science. He developed a framework for decision-making called S.C.O.P.E.D. which stands for Situation, Choices, Objectives, People, Evaluation and Decisions.

SCOPED-Flex was a dynamic, adaptable table, created with Actionscript, that would walk a user through the ‘SCOPED’ process. This could be used for any decision, from buying a car to deciding between different treatment plans for cancer. When making important decisions, often times quantitative, subjective and emotional variables are evaluated together. SCOPED is a methodology that helps structure these disparate factors so that the user can make better understand and evaluate their decision.

We created an open-ended ‘blank’ version of this tool, and a version that was customized to breast cancer patients. A patient would fill out a form with the specific data of their case (Tumor size, age, genetics, etc.) and the software would present risk-benefit analysis of different treatment options customized to that individual.

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