The Zero

Stephen White at is one of the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced electric guitar technicians. For over twenty years, he has been working on The ‘Zero’. The form of the solid body electric has been rather stagnant for over fifty years, with most instruments falling into the obligatory ‘Strat’ or ‘Les Paul’ shapes. The Zero is a novel design with several key ergonomic improvements over these standard forms. A guitar is a complex system, and every aspect of the electronics, hardware, and body of the Zero reflects countless hours working with professional guitarists, adjusting and fine tuning instruments to maximize playability and tone. I have been helping Stephen to realize his vision of this product, including 3D modeling work, prototyping and testing.

The original instrument.
Planning out the neck-joint

Preparing to cut the first prototype on a Thermwood CNC Router.
Air Guitar!
The first new prototype body.